Writer, Biographer, Memoirist and Legacy Scribe

Miss Mary Loretto Flynn’s real life story is the subject of my historical fiction, Ordinary Mary.

Miss Mary Loretto made a significant mark on Pembroke, Ontario and on Canada. Her fascinating life reflects the early years of female empowerment as she lived through, WW1, The Great Depression and WW2. Born 1904 in Ottawa, Mary died in 1977, having been the north star to many a person.

My name is Kit Flynn and I am Miss Mary Loretto Flynn’s grand niece. I never met her but became deeply curious after moving to Ottawa thirty years ago. Many Ottawa Valley people I met would ask me about my name and whether I was related. After my affirmative yet vague shrug, their emotion was hard to mask as they regaled stories of Mary Flynn and the affect she had on their families’ lives. I needed to find out more.

Please join my on my fascinating journey of discovery while writing Ordinary Mary!