Weight-loss Coaching Testimonials:

Kit Flynn is more than a leader for weight loss and weight management. She is a mentor, a friend, and an excellent source of inspiration and information. Kit brought information about weight loss and management to every meeting, citing the latest studies and offering
her personal tips and tricks, all the while doing so with such class and
professionalism that it kept us achieving our goals. While losing weight was the goal of our attendance at the meetings, Kit was the reason we kept coming back. I heard several members who said they would *only* come back to the next meeting if Kit was to be the coach. I feel privileged to have met such an inspirational and kind soul as Kit. She will be someone with whom I will stay in touch. 
Bonnie Beach
Director Benefits Management
Non-Insured Health Benefits Program, Health Canada


Thank you to Kit for her inspirational advice! Thanks to her influence I now have an office drawer that holds a banana, an orange, and a pear. She taught me the importance of snacks. The office fridge also holds my carrots and my breakfast (Greek yogurt, frozen berries and Fibre 1 cereal). I want to thank Kit for inspiring me to enter my first ever marathon! Starting with the 5K and working my way up to 10K and eventually a half marathon! I was never “an athlete” and this summer will see my second half marathon. Kit, you can’t imagine the ways you have touched my life, but know that it has been changed for the better. I have, on several occasions, when faced with a tough decision thought WWKD, “What would Kit do?” and then I go for it!   Karen


Kit has been very motivational in my life. After gaining 65 pounds after my pregnancy, I needed some personal help to get my health back on track. I owe much of my success to Kit. I will think of her each time I eat my steel cut oats at breakfast, eat a salad with a meal or when I drink the small diet coke instead of the large. Kit, by sharing your stories and experiences you have changed so many lives. Good luck in your  business, with your book and with your whole life! You deserve it! Amanda Goth


Kit is a wonderful motivator! It is difficult to keep the big picture in sight all the time like she does. Kit has a wonderful, caring way about her. Thank you. You change lives! Susan 

With Kit I have learned that my body is my temple. If I take care of my body through exercise and nutrients, it will take care of me.I love the way that Kit takes a full approach to weight-loss (diet, exercise and life experiences). Lisa T.


Kit Flynn is a great motivator. Her sense of humour and ability to interact and engage people has been one of the things that I have enjoyed most about my interactions with her. I have also found that her non-judgmental attitude has made a huge difference. I have had a personal struggle with weight the last couple of years and would have given up entirely if it hadn’t been for her continuing encouragement. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Kit, the life skills I have learned from her and I know that it will help me in the future to reach any goals I set out for myself.  Cathy 


Kit provides a positive, realistic, patient approach to weigh loss. Her humour, life stories, and relate-ability made my weight loss journey not only bearable, but pleasurable and I can’t thank her enough!  Jennifer Gallant

I did not know Kit for very long, however, the little time I did know her she made a lasting impression on me. She is such a great coach and leader, empathic because she experienced weight loss and weight gain herself. Most trainers haven’t gone through our challenges to understand the struggles, but she has- and it’s to everyone’s benefit to know her and work with her. She is truly special! Thank you, Kit!  Rachelle

My experience with Kit on my weight loss journey was nothing short of amazing. Her inspiring weight loss story and positive outlook on life represents a source of motivation for me. In my meetings with her, I am always left with thought-provoking realizations about my life, and good strategies on achieving weight loss success. Even when encountering slip-ups, Kit was there to remind me of what I had already achieved, and push me through. She has a beautiful spirit, a wonderful sense of humour and will always be a true gem!  Farah Boisclair


Kit has changed my life. She has taught me so much more than just weight loss skills. I ‘ve become a much stronger person. Most importantly, she has taught me the importance of loving myself. I owe a great debt to Kit, and will be forever grateful.  Caitlin Long

Kit is a genuine, caring, positive leader that was always uplifting me with her abilities to use the right words at the right time when a positive boost was needed.
She encouraged me to continue my journey with the ups and downs, letting me know that she would be there for me every step of the way.
She has a way of gathering the attention when speaking from her heart, and reaches her audience emotionally. She was able to listen and capture important information which redirected me on my weight loss challenges. Kit is a great life coach with amazing abilities to surround her people with support and unconditional friendship.She has really chosen the right path in life, helping people reach their real “person” and find themselves. Its her passion and mission.She is a major reason why I have had such a successful weight loss.  Martine Lafontaine


Personal Training Testimonials“It has been nine months now that I have been working with Kit on improving my fitness. As a fitness trainer, I have found Kit to be highly professional and very knowledgeable. As someone struggling with a weight problem, the fitness training has been a challenge, but Kit has made it fun and positive. I enjoy the workouts, and can say not only do I feel better physically, but my golf game has improved considerably as a result of the fitness training. I would recommend Kit to anyone as an excellent fitness trainer and as an individual who really cares about how you are doing.” Mr. John Hoyles, 58  Ottawa, Ontario

John Hoyles








“I have only been working out with Kit for a few weeks now but I am already noticing results in my upper body, lower body and core strength levels. I have been very impressed with the way she modifies the exercises slightly from session to session to ensure that my body continues to be challenged. More importantly, I find myself looking forward to my workouts with her, because of the mental, as well as physical benefits. I would highly recommend Kit as a personal trainer and wellness specialist. It is an investment which is well worth the time and the money.”  Ms Cathy Parker, 49 Ottawa, Ontario

Cathy Parker








“As a survivor of colon cancer and having had two hip replacements I wasn’t ready to become old and immobile. I am so happy now! After starting a routine to strengthen my muscles, I can walk better and I can get in and out of a car easier, too. I can stand for a longer time when I bake, which is a favourite past time of mine. Kit is helping me to improve my balance so that I don’t worry about falling and can then have more fun in life!”Ms Lorraine Sollows, 81  Ottawa, Ontario

Lorraine Sollows







“Kit confirmed, supported and informed my decision to affirm the value of my life by becoming physically fit. She stated the actual science, and useful rules of thumb to guide my own physical efforts. And perhaps the most important outreach of all came on the spiritual plane. I had previously seemed to find it impossible to throw off my sense of grief, misery and hopelessness. But with Kit’s advice and leadership I seemed to see a fork coming up in my path, with one side leading to misery and death while the other way led towards light, to fulfilment and life. No one else I have ever met comes anywhere close to offering your combination of mind, body and soul gifts. Thank you so much!Mr. Sandy Munroe, 65 Your #1 fan in Nova Scotia

“The past year has seen a change for the better in my outlook on life. We started with two sessions per week each of one-hour duration consisting of ten exercises (HSEP). Recently, we reduced the sessions to once a week because I can now operate alone. I look forward to the weekly visits with a very positive and energetic state of mind thanks to Kit. My cardiologist, the doctor who signed the physical Activity Sheet allowing me to undertake the program, commented favourably when he examined me recently and even said that I looked younger.”Mr. Jig McDougall, 85  Ottawa, Ontario 

Jig McDougall







“If I have a fall, I can now pick myself up, thanks to the strength I have gained with Kit’s coaching.”  Ms Edla Glass, 91  Ottawa, Ontario

Edla Glass


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