Kit in the Globe and Mail : Yo-yo dieter stops the cycle from February 21, 2013

Kit in the Globe and Mail


How Healthy Are You? Eight Questions….

This comes from the Marilyn Denis show (Dr. Natasha Turner):

1. Do you take fish oil supplements daily? (Omega 3’s)
2. Do you resist cravings for sweets or starchy carbs like pasta and breads?
3. Do you eat red meat less than three times a week?
4. Do you eat breakfast within one hour of rising?
5. Do you eat five to seven servings of vegetables and one to three servings of fruit per day?
6. Do you completely avoid artificial sweeteners in drinks and food?
7. Do you have sex more than two times a week? (solo counts!)
8. Do you expose yourself to natural light first thing in the morning and sleep in pitch darkness at night?

7-8 yes’s: You are very healthy! Keep it going!
5-6 yes’s: You are health aware
0-4 yes/s: A few changes are needed