About Healthy Snacks and Weight-Loss

I want to give you 12 snack ideas which combine food groups (fat, protein and carbs). They are good for you and filling. Try to fit one of these snacks into your life mid morning and again mid afternoon. (Eating every 3 hours or so.)

1. A piece of fruit (ie/ pears, apples, 1/2 cup berries) and 4 walnut halves.

2. A piece of fruit and a thumb size piece of low fat cheese (such as Allegro).

3. Raw veggies and 1/4 cup of hummus (1/2 cup if it is home made!)

4. Fibre 1 trail mix (1/2c Fibre 1 Original, mixed with a few seeds and nuts) and a piece of fruit.

5. Three cups air popped popcorn mixed with roasted Kale pieces, sprayed with 1 tsp olive oil.

6. Raw veggies like red peppers sticks and 2 tbsp low fat ranch dressing (homemade with greek yogurt).

7. Seven dried apricot halves and nine almonds.

8. 1/2 cup carrots with 2 tbsp Tzatziki for dipping.

9. Mini can of seasoned tuna with one serving of high fibre rye WASA crackers.

10. One apple in wedges smeared with 1 tbsp almond butter.

11. One hard boiled egg and three High Fibre Rye WASA crackers.

12. One tbsp of a nut butter (pumpkin seed butter is recommended…peanut butter will do) between 2 large WASA crackers (High Fibre Rye, of course!).

Always water, water, water with all the snacks above.

I will post my homemade hummus recipe later this week! It is great for our bodies and it tastes good too!

Have a healthy day!







About Clutter and Weight-loss

Clutter – oh no!

Just the word makes us run for the hills, eh?

Have you ever thought of the relationship between clutter and your general health and wellness? Most of us don’t relate clutter to anything at all to do with happiness, but I hope after reading this you may consider changing how you think about clutter.

People whom I have known (including myself) have made life altering changes after they address areas of physical clutter in their lives. De-cluttering can seem like such a HUGE job that most of us give up before we have even begun. Is it because we’ve set too high of a goal? (i.e./”…I want to clean up my whole apartment/house this weekend.” ) or is it a bit too perfectionistic? (i.e./”Every pencil will be in its place before I go to bed tonight.”)

One day back in 2007 I read an article on clutter and the benefits of addressing the clutter in our lives as a way to living a happier life. How could the two be possibly related, I wondered, but since I wanted to ‘do things differently’… I trusted that how they were related would become apparent to me.

Setting absolutely do-able, very small, short term goals worked for me. One half hour twice a week blocked off in my agenda, allowed me to begin a de-clutter project which led to all sorts of life changes most of which I never anticipated.

Firstly, I had to look within to figure out which areas of clutter bothered me the most and then rank them in a list. All I had to do is look at the first one. Then, as I have mentioned, I blocked out two very short appointments with myself each week to address this area. My first project was the messy office on my main floor.

I noticed that I was happier right away after blocking off the time even though nothing had de-cluttered yet, simply because I had a plan to think about the office

About Exercise and Weight-Loss

Do you think that exercise is the key component in weight-loss?

I spent most of my life feeling sure the answer to that question was YES. I don’t think that anymore. I will tell you why I changed my thinking on this.

Firstly, as a certified personal trainer, I want to be clear here: I feel exercise is beneficial to our human bodies for many, many reasons. For a primary goal of weight-loss though? Uh…nope, not so much. I have heard some say that 90% of losing weight is related to the food we eat and only 10% the exercise. The lowest I have ever heard is 75%/25%…which is still a high % vote for getting your eating and calorie intake under control as a first priority.

Scientific research has shown that people who have a higher rate of loss in the first two weeks of their new lifestyle plan are more likely to stick with it.

So – how can we have the best start? I’d say focus on the food.

When I took my personal trainer training, my pro-trainer told me something very important: For a primary goal of weight-loss: work out as hard as you can, for as long as you can UNTIL you need more fuel (food) to sustain you. People often over award themselves with food after their intense exercise, adding more calories than were burned during their workout. Hmmm.. so what then? How do we get started loosing the extra weight if it’s not by intense exercise like cardio spin, rhumba and resistance training?

Let’s remind ourselves that time is finite. So is money. So is energy. We need to decide how to spend those limited resources. If weigh-loss is your primary goal, I would recommend that you start the process by spending:

a) your money on good quality, highly nutritious food,

b) your time on preparing that food, along with self-monitoring your consumption, and

c) your energy on addressing your life’s priorities while factoring in a solid 8 hour sleep.

Once all three of these things are factored into your life as habits….then add exercise. Simple walking is the best start. Add activities slowly…and make sure you remember what my pro-trainer said above.

So, to follow the three steps above, spend your precious money on buying highly nutritious foods instead of a gym membership. Right now, I am reading Joel Fuhrman’s: Super Immunity book and he will help you learn which foods supply the best nutrients to our bodies.

About Buying Organic and Weight-Loss

I have a list of these foods on my fridge. Because I eat so many fruit and vegetables now – I want to be sure to avoid wicked chemicals if at all possible. I also want to keep my food bill reasonable. Here is a list of suggested foods to buy organic and those with less chance of being contaminated:

OK to buy non-organic:
Sweet Potato

Recommended to buy organic whenever possible:
Bell Pepper

About Motivational Quotations and Weight-Loss

Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. -Earl of Derby

You can choose to reside in a place of fear, a place where you doubt who you are and what you are capable of, or you can choose to believe in the best version of yourself.
– Mac Taylor CSI

If you have faith in others, you’ll witness miracles. If you have faith in yourself, you become a miracle. – Michelle Arbeau

Acceptance is the place from which all growth and change occurs. – Melody Beattietwowomenwalking.jpg

About Fibre-Fiber and Weight-Loss

Fibre (Canadian) or Fiber (American) has been a critical component to my own weigh loss and weigh maintenance. I learned about it slowly and built my high fibre lifestyle up one step at at time.

This is what I learned:

A diet with the proper amount of fibre leads to intestinal and digestive health and this lowers body weight, decreases the risk of colon and other cancers and boosts mood and general