Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Do you know deep down that if you got cancer, you would radically change your life? In a very private area of your mind– do you think it would be too hard to live a healthier life without some major catastrophe initiating the changes you know you would make when you have to?

I think there is a lot of wisdom available from people who have waited to have cancer before initiating changes. One comment I hear over and over again is “…well– if I had known these changes were so possible to do… and I would feel so well: mind, body and soul wise, I would have started to make these changes before getting cancer!”

In Kelly A. Turner’s book: Radical Remission she notes 9 key factors for health, and details the latest scientific research on each topic. They are in no particular ranking order:

1. Radically changing your diet.

2. Taking control of your health.

3. Following your intuition.

4. Using herbs and supplements.

5. Releasing suppressed emotions.

6. Increasing positive emotions.

7. Embracing social support.

8. Deepening your spiritual connection.

9. Having strong reasons for living.

Let’s consider initiating a change or two, before any possible catastrophe. We’ll feel glad we did.


Choosing to make small changes can help shed pounds.

It is amazing how small changes in one’s behaviour, consistently made, can have life long effects on your mind body and spirit.

Some ideas are:

– Wear a pedometer and just try to better your previous day’s number;

– Limit high fat foods to once a week (these are foods such as fries, or baked goods);

– Leave the commercials on the TV and do something active like the weighted hula hoop, skipping or walking up and down stairs;

– Become curious about your body and the affects food has on it. I recommend a magazine subscription to Nutrition Action or becoming a member of;

– Start to notice when you are putting yourself down about the way you look and stop the thought. Instead – remind yourself of all the ways your body has supported you throughout your life.

– Walk and ride your bike to do your errands. It’s fun!

Small changes, repeated consistently, will take you towards your goal of mind body and spirit health!