Lifestyle Changes are possible.

You would like to start to be healthier. You know you need to improve your lifestyle, but how and where do you start?

There are so many motivational articles around right now assisting us to get started on our  ‘To Do’ list, whether it be de-cluttering, eating better exercising more or whatever. In MindBodyGreen, I found a lovely little article by Charles Chen on the lifestyle choices he made which led to him loosing 80 pounds!

Here is a summary. To read his explanation of each lifestyle change,  get the whole article by googling the online newsletter MindBodyGreen:

7 Lifestyle Changes that Helped me Lose 80 Pounds 

by Charles Chen Sept. 6/13

1. I ate more plants.

2. I stayed hydrated.

3. I got some exercise each day.

4. I upped my probiotic foods.

5. I used visualization and affirmation.

6. I learned forgiveness.

7. I learned to love healthy snacks.

How cool are those? I agree with each and everyone.

Here’s to the new beginnings!! Yippee for healthy changes!



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