Exercise beneficial at any age

Ottawa Citizen, The Wrap, October 2008. The first article written about my business…

Excerpts from the article:

There’s an irony about TV commercials promoting fitness: All of the people they show working out are already fit. Not only that, but they are usually young to boot. So what is a sedentary adult – 50 years or older – supposed to do to get into shape when the only role models they see are nothing like them?

Plenty. In the real world, you are never too old to exercise. Nor does it matter if you have never exercised in your life. “It’s never too late to start,” says Kit Flynn (www.kitflynn.ca). She’s a personal trainer who helps seniors get fitter in the privacy of their own homes. “I usually come once a week, teaching them exercises that they can do two times a week more, as part of their Home Exercise Support Program,” Flynn says. “These include a bit of cardio walking around their home, wall push-ups, leg and arm exercises, and some stretching to wind things down. All of these exercises can help make you fitter, without having to head to the gym.”

“The past year has seen a change for the better in my outlook on life,” says 85 year old Jig McDougall of Ottawa; one of Kit Flynn’s clients. “We started with two sessions per week, each of one hour in duration consisting of ten exercises,” McDougall says. “Recently we reduced the sessions to once a week because I can now operate alone. I look forward to the weekly visits with a very positive and energetic state of mind thanks to Kit. My cardiologist the doctor who signed the Physical Activity Sheet allowing me to undertake the program, commented favourably when he examined me recently and even said that I looked younger.”

That’s not all: Any form of exercise can be beneficial,” Flynn says. “Swimming and walking are great, as is bird watching – because you have to walk around to bird watch. Dancing, window shopping and playing with your grand kids in your living room or the park are also good. They key is to get moving, one way or another.”

“Be safe when you exercise: Don’t wear slippers or socks and check your home for obstacles that you might trip over,” Flynn says.

For those wanting to persuade others to exercise, don’t just pressure them. Instead, be willing to take part in an exercise program with them, to offer encouragement, support and company. And don’t be surprised if you run up against resistance. Sometimes people are reluctant to exercise because they fear that they are too old.


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