Being in good health counts for a lot when the unexpected happens.

“You need surgery.” your doctor says to you  “Soon.” he adds.

“Let’s go on a last minute bike trip to Holland and recreate the trip we took in 1984!” suggests your friend.

“Grandma, can you walk a 5k race with me next weekend for my school?”  your adorable grandchild asks you with excitement.

Could we do it these thing when we are out of shape, overweight or improperly nourished and hydrated? Probably…but would you want to repeat it? How sore will you be? Are you likely to curse the fact that you didn’t go into the activity or surgery healthier?

Sadly, many people only decide to get fit or eat a healthier diet once there is no other choice. Let’s not wait for a cancer diagnosis before learning about the benefits of a healthy diet. Let’s not wait until we have a month to go before that bike trip before starting to get in shape.

Recently, I had major surgery. I have been away from my blog and I have missed it, although I had to take care of myself and needed to protect some energy. Something had to be put aside temporarily and it was my blog, social media and some other writing projects.

I am back though – and very, very grateful for having adopted a healthy lifestyle BEFORE I needed to depend on my strong muscles, healthy immune system and my realistic and positive mindset to get me through the last few months.

YAY for preventative health!!


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