About Healthy Snacks and Weight-Loss

I want to give you 12 snack ideas which combine food groups (fat, protein and carbs). They are good for you and filling. Try to fit one of these snacks into your life mid morning and again mid afternoon. (Eating every 3 hours or so.)

1. A piece of fruit (ie/ pears, apples, 1/2 cup berries) and 4 walnut halves.

2. A piece of fruit and a thumb size piece of low fat cheese (such as Allegro).

3. Raw veggies and 1/4 cup of hummus (1/2 cup if it is home made!)

4. Fibre 1 trail mix (1/2c Fibre 1 Original, mixed with a few seeds and nuts) and a piece of fruit.

5. Three cups air popped popcorn mixed with roasted Kale pieces, sprayed with 1 tsp olive oil.

6. Raw veggies like red peppers sticks and 2 tbsp low fat ranch dressing (homemade with greek yogurt).

7. Seven dried apricot halves and nine almonds.

8. 1/2 cup carrots with 2 tbsp Tzatziki for dipping.

9. Mini can of seasoned tuna with one serving of high fibre rye WASA crackers.

10. One apple in wedges smeared with 1 tbsp almond butter.

11. One hard boiled egg and three High Fibre Rye WASA crackers.

12. One tbsp of a nut butter (pumpkin seed butter is recommended…peanut butter will do) between 2 large WASA crackers (High Fibre Rye, of course!).

Always water, water, water with all the snacks above.

I will post my homemade hummus recipe later this week! It is great for our bodies and it tastes good too!

Have a healthy day!







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