About Being a Nutritarian and Weight-loss

A nutritarian is a person who eats a diet of highly nutritious foods. I have decided I am one of them. I love that label! I try to pick foods that have the highest level of micronutrients per calorie. Micronutrients are vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals per calorie.

As an ex-vegetarian, and ex-pescatarian I like the word nutritarian best. This is how I define it:


* Eats a diet of healthy, high nutritious foods, focussed on organic leafy green vegetables.

* Eats in restaurants very rarely. (Due to processed foods high in sugar, salt, additives and fat and other unhealthy things.)

* Eats processed foods, very rarely if ever. (This includes tinned food, jars of food, most frozen ready-to-eat food and all prepared foods.)

* Cooks all their own food and they probably own a super quality blender or juicer.

* Chews foods more than average to crush the micronutrients thus absorbing them into the blood stream more efficiently.

Two books which I have recently researched are wonderful at teaching us about highly nutritious foods: Joel Fuhrman’s SUPER Immunity and Meghan Telpner’s Undiet.


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