About Vegetables and Weight-Loss

IMG_0104Here is a picture of my kitchen counter after grocery shopping and before I put the vegetables and fruit away. It is colourful and pretty, but most importantly, when I eat these foods, my body feels happy and healthy. It thanks me by shedding the extra weight because it knows I am treating it well. Sound nuts??? OK, maybe a little – but it’s not far off.

Our bodies need all the colours of food. Each one adds different benefits to our cells. If I was going to rank the most important, I would say leafy green vegetables like these:
-Romaine lettuce, red and green leaf lettuce

Having a small leafy green salad with chopped bright coloured vegetables such as red peppers and purple onions is an easy way to make sure those power-punched foods are working for your best health. I try to have one at each meal (even breakfast, sometimes).

Vegetables are healthy carbohydrates. They supply fibre, water, vitamins, minerals and nutrients to our bodies. They fill us up and take energy to process through our system. They keep us feeling full and will help protect us from many illnesses and diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and some cancers. All this… and a thinner, healthier body!

What a deal!

Make sure half your plate contains vegetables and enjoy. (The biggest surprise will be when you realize you actually crave them, and it will happen!)

Helpful Hint: Use ‘green bags’ to store your produce in your fridge. They are available in many places: Giant Tiger, Dollar Stores, Walmart and kitchen specialty stores. Green bags allow the gases which would otherwise cause your food to rot, to escape and they keep your produce fresh for much longer. The end result is that you can buy a larger variety of vegetables which will last longer.


3 thoughts on “About Vegetables and Weight-Loss

  1. Hi Kit,

    First want to say that I love the site. I have gone through a few of your articles and particularly enjoy the food articles. Good info!

    As for unusual vegetables that I have tried, there are many!

    I am usually busy through the day and found it was tough to prepare food and so I found it was easier to enjoy my fruits and veggies in juice/smoothie form. It was tough at first but then developed a taste for it and now enjoy almost every mix that I make.

    My mix today included:
    -1/2 cup of spinach
    -1/2 of a beet
    -tbsp of ginger root
    -1 lemon with the skin
    -2 tangerines
    -1 banana
    -1/2 cup of frozen berries(strawberry, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries)
    -tbsp of goji berries
    -tbsp of flax seed
    -tbsp of hulled sunflower seeds

    I like this one so I make it regularly.

    Keep up the good posts Kit!

    1. Hi Jordan,
      Thanks for visiting the blog and for your kind words.
      Your smoothie recipe sounds fantastic! Thank you for that!
      Aren’t Goji berries great? They used to be hard to find but now are everywhere.
      What do you use to make your smoothie: A vegimixer/juicer, a food processor or a standard blender?


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